Our Events

Public Events

A public event, as the name suggests, is usually held for a general cause and mostly for the benefit of the society. As a part of social responsibility it becomes a moral duty to extend our service and cooperation for the benefit of the people in general. These are the type of events that helps in bringing awareness among the mass. They are usually for the social cause. We support these types of events with our presence in Exhibitions, expositions, fairs, festivals, entertainment, cause-related, fundraising, and leisure events are all examples of a public event. Any event that is one-time or periodic, free or entry with ticket, cultural, charitable or cause-related, for support or creating awareness, for entertainment purposes, and created by and/or for the mass, we take care that the audio & visuals and allied are in proper place the bridge between the host and the mass is clear and strong. Equipment are first checked and the delivered to avoid any type of hindrance during the event. If any obstacle is faced during the show, we are always at our toes to provide technical support to overcome the situation. We always believe that service to the people is service to the nation. As a matter of service it becomes our primary duty to have supporting systems as nobody has hands on luck but can always try with overcoming solution. It is for the commitment of our service that Radiant has become a name synonymous to reliance.

Private Events

It may be any exclusive party or closed celebration intended for specially invited guests. It may be for any private purpose or any celebration. It is usually done in an enclosed area or at any place with a confined boundary. Care is taken that people who are not associated with the gathering are not disturbed. While extending service to these type of events care is taken pertaining to acoustics that people involved in the gathering enjoy and sound does not go beyond the boundaries. Radiant gives consultation for such events so that sound is tuned within the lines of enjoyment. Limits and restrictions are quiet high in such event as they are usually held in a confined area or may be even in an enclosed area. Audio/visuals for such events are provided in such a manner that it has reach but with smoothness and ease to the sensory organs. We simply do not provide acoustics, we deliver requirements. Various technical factors are taken into consideration as it involves analysis between demand and deliverance with the bridge of requirement. It is because of this reason there exists a smooth smiling relation with our clients. We first listen to the purpose, analyse and suggest the apt.

Corporate Events

These events are held by the corporate world i.e. business houses for staff, clients or stakeholders. It may be for business conventions and conferences where meetings need to be addressed or may be smaller events such as retreats, holiday parties or even private concerts. Corporate events are usually very fine tuned and tailor cut. They are usually held at confined areas either in a hotel or luxury liner or resorts. The rules and regulations are quiet high and the margins are quiet strict at these places. Care needs to be taken adhering rules and regulations for providing service at such places. They are usually niche & high-end sensitive people. In addition to general care and precaution some additional rules have to be taken care of pertaining to different aspects of such events. Radiant provides speciality equipments to the serve the needs of these events. We are attuned to fulfilling purpose and catering satisfaction to them. Radiant provides equipment of the latest technology of the modern world. Equipments are well maintained to add grace to the event. Styles and looks synergise to the ambience as this is also an important factor for an event. There is always a touch of professionalism.